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Alyssa Maine, CFP®, CDFA®

PROCESS     |     Divorce Team

A divorce can be an overwhelming event in your life. We recognize that understanding the math of divorce and making confident, informed decisions at this life stage can be difficult. Our team acts as your financial advocate and supports other professionals on your divorce team, such as an attorney, mediator, or therapist.

You deserve to feel confident during this process, and we will give you the financial facts so that you are able to chart a path forward with clarity and empowerment.

Divorce Financial Planning

Working as part of your team, we provide the financial planning, tax, and analytical experience needed to review the various financial components that are integral to your divorce.

Typical services include the following:

  • Compiling information regarding income, expenses, assets & liabilities
  • Creating a lifestyle analysis
  • Analyze and discuss housing options
  • Preparing statement of net worth
  • Analyzing retirement assets
  • Analyzing maintenance and child support scenarios
  • Reviewing after-tax proposed settlements
  • Analyzing long-term cash flow and net worth
  • Comparing settlement proposals
  • Analyzing the tax impacts of all decisions

Post-Divorce Transition

Even though your divorce is final, there is still work to do! Our experienced team at Balderson & Hebert, LLC offers comprehensive wealth management to help you execute the plans and settlements that were finalized during your divorce.

If you did not utilize our team for Divorce Financial Planning, we can still assist you with Post-Divorce account consolidation, QDRO oversight and completion, bank account and credit account reviews, beneficiary updates, registration changes and more. The financial to-do list after divorce is overwhelming. Let us help you with planning your financial future so nothing important is missed!


What is a CDFA®?

The role of the CDFA® professional is to assist you and your lawyer to understand how the financial decisions you make today will impact your financial future.

Divorce is a challenge.

Let us help you.

Get Started Today.