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1980 Eastern Washington University Track and Field Team Induction


I had a chance to re-unite with my track teammates from the 1980 Eastern Washington University Track and Field team at the Red Lion BBQ in Downtown Spokane the night before the EWU Hall Of Fame induction ceremony a few weekends ago. I had not seen most of the guys since 1981, so it was fun catching up on everyone’s life events.  It was amazing how we all felt like we had just seen each other last week and picked up the conversation with no recognition of the passage of time. The time passed too quickly, but it was a truly joyful night! --Mike Balderson

I had a great day celebrating my induction to the Hall of Fame as part of the 1980 Eastern Washington University’s Track and Field Team.  

Check out the pictures of the 1980 “before“ team and the 2019 “after“ team.  For fun see how many of the kids pictures you can match to their adult (old guy) pictures!